Our baby shower celebration

Baby Shower_01

Only a few weeks left until we meet our baby boy! I can’t explain how excited I am about it… It’s been almost 9 months of an amazing pregnancy and I can say that I have enjoyed every moment of it. And yes, this includes those difficult days with really low energy, brand new clothing that no longer fit and extremely swollen feet; it’s all part of the journey and I completely embrace that!

Today I would like to share with you some of the beautiful photos that Thandi from MmmBetty Photography captured from our special baby shower celebration… We had the party at Arcade, my brother’s in law resto-bar in town on a Sunday (usually closed for business), so we had the whole venue just for us.

I did all the decorations, stationery and even all the baking for the dessert station… We served burgers and pizzas and just enjoyed a beautiful day with our family and close friends.

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Our baby shower invite

Baby Shower_01

With my husband we decided to have a joined baby shower celebration so we could both enjoy a party together with all our friends and Cape Town family and cheers to the soon arrival of our baby boy.

For the invitation I wanted to do something special… Most baby shower invites have very soft colours (normally light blue for boys) and a natural-naive feel to them. But as everyone knows, I love bright and bold colours and out-of-the-box designs, so the typical baby shower style invite wasn’t going to make the cut.

After working on the poster for this year’s CALENTITA FOOD FESTIVAL (which I enjoyed so much), I felt like doing some more paper art projects so thought this was a great opportunity to play with this technique and take a break from the computer. I created a paper model recreating ARCADE’s façade (my brother’s in law resto-bar where we hosted the celebration), combined with fun extra colourful elements and some of my favourite toys from my vinyl collection.

I then photographed the model and did some digital final touches like adding the copy (invite text) and setting the final layout. I’m so happy with the result and must admit that I had lots of fun making the invite; plus now the model is part of Maximo’s nursery – such a cool keepsake.

Baby Shower_03Baby Shower_04Baby Shower_05Baby Shower_02

You can watch a little fun clip I made using the paper model created for the invite HERE. And stay tuned for some pics of the celebration; I think you’ll love them…

Baby shower video cover